My Name

The color of Truth is Grey Grae. 

“Why is it My Name your first single?” 

“What does your name mean to you? "

You might say what basic questions. My name Violet Grae represents everything. It represents me. Let’s be raw, real, transparent, and naked with our words. The reason that I felt this had to be my first song, I needed to come from a place of vulnerability. My heart has been broken this past year unfortunately, by people I have loved and trusted. That is how Violet Grae came to be. When I felt that my name was misrepresented and credit was misleading, there was time for a change. Being a female and working with young female artists I could not stomach the fact a man could take credit for my work. My Name represents rebirth and new beginnings. Even writing this, I am overwhelmed with emotion. This song stemmed from pain I went through as I young adult but recorded after  breakups with loved ones recently. I can hear both anger and sadness when I listen to this song. Honestly I felt such rage and sadness when this was recorded. My heart felt like it was going to burst at a point. Instead of staying defeated I knew I could always rely on strength and courage I have built slowly through my life. “Staying loyal through the scars”. I could over come this and come back even stronger. “Your fuel lit my flame” By doing so I found my voice. I am finally able to sing the way I want and make the music I want unapologetically. I want to stand up for and stand with other beautiful female artists that have been taken advantage of in this industry and can do a job better than anyone else regardless of their sex. More of this story will unfold, the more I open up. And I know my Grae Babes are strong enough to handle my truth and I trust you with it. 

Love, light, & gratitude

Violet XOXO

caitlin cuneo